Thursday, February 7, 2008

Picture 3

Ok, back to my favorite mistake pictures. I'll let you try to guess what this is actually a picture of. I'll tell you the answer tomorrow.

I had to include a favorite kid quote in this post as well. This was a conversation between my sister and her son who is 3 today.

Tayvn: Mom, sometime can me and you and Jaymen and Aunt Shaye and Roc and you make cookies together?

His Mom: Sure. Why didn't you ask me while we were at the store? I would have bought cookie dough.

Tayvn: Aunt Shaye hasn't made me an apron yet.

What a doll!! He is obviously going to get an extra birthday present. Happy Birthday, T!!!

(Tayvn on the left and Roc)

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Hethyr said...

I guessed right! Although, you may have shown me that picture before - it looks familiar... unless you just took it! Love the pic of the kids - they are too funny!