Friday, January 25, 2008

Favorite Kid Quotes of the Week

In the car after a day at the bowling alley...

me: Tayvn, tell Uncle Josh which monster truck won the other day.
Tayvn: El Torro Loco
me: That's the one that looks like a bull, right?
Tayvn: What's a bull?
Uncle Josh: a boy cow with big horns
Tayvn: Then how did we go bulling today?

Same car ride different kid...

Roc: I am fireworks.
Dad: You are fireworks?
Roc: No, I'm trying to get fireworks.
me: You are trying to get fireworks?
Roc: No, I'm trying to get fireworks.
me: Right, you're trying to get fireworks.
Roc: No. I'm trying to get fireworks.
Dad: You want to set off fireworks?
Roc: Yea!
Dad: You want to light them?
Roc: Yea!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Sorry this blog was not updated by the 15th as promised. It turns out getting a motherboard for my old computer is more expensive than buying a new computer altogether. So, we are taking our time looking for a new one and considering switching to a Mac. Please post a comment if you have any suggestions or comments about this.

The good news is that I got a new camera for Christmas that I am so excited about. Once I have a new computer, I will be posting some of the pictures I have been taking to improve my photography skills. Hopefully, you will find some of them enjoyable.

The other good news is that a local restaurant is interested in selling my aprons, so I am busy getting the inventory ready. This means that my Etsy shop will probably not be updated for a while, but considering the sales, I don't think it will be an issue.

Thank you to those of you that continue to read this blog! I hope it will become more interesting when I am able to update it regularly.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Mother Ship has crashed...

I'm sorry it has been such a long time since my last blog. My mother ship (or mother board) has crashed. I will try to have the problem fixed and more aprons (maybe some other items as well) in my shop by Jan. 15th. Thanks to all of you that continue to check my blog for updates and continue to be disappointed. Happy New Year!